Domaine viticole Gîrboiu

The story of Gîrboiu Winery begins in 2005, a time when founder Constantin Gîrboiu toyed with the idea of a challenge that would bring him closer to the things he had always felt connected to, namely agriculture. In this context, the opportunity arose to acquire the former lands and buildings of the Dumbraveni Agricultural State Farm. The connection to the world of wine came as an immediate and natural consequence, a vocation preserved in the family for generations.

Thus, the foundations of the Gîrboiu winery business were laid, with deep emotional connections, and among the first steps of the formed identity was the choice of the now easily recognizable logo, the stylized image of the founder’s father. The dedication and involvement of the family remained the same over the years, so that the second generation of the family as wine producers is now represented by the founder’s daughter.

Over the years, the family’s commitment has been constant: acquiring new vineyards, improvements in agronomy, and modernizing the winery.

From grape harvesting to processing in the winery, following the latest technological trends, the wine ages in tanks and new barrels, later passing through the most modern bottling line.

Wines from Gîrboiu winery

Domaine viticole roumain Girboiu

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